Monday, August 18, 2008

Fair Results: a little controversy

Mini~Dee was right, we had a lot of fun yesterday at thePart of the display at the 2008 Bridgewater Fair Bridgewater Fair.   The weather was beautiful as we checked out the animals, did some shopping, ate, enjoyed some of the rides, and (for me) was inspired while checking out all the needlecrafts entered into this year's competition.

How did I do?  Out of six items submitted, I won six Blue Ribbons!

* The "Model 13" cardigan
* The "Pushmi Pullyu" scarf
* The "Hot Cinnamon" mobius
* The Pineapple Swinging Skirt
* The felted purse (from the book "Pursenalities")
* The "Crochet Your Knit" vest

(all of the above items, except the vest, can be viewed in my "Projects" on Ravelry, under the name CrochetWithDee.)

Dee's vest caused some controversyYes, all of my entries earned Blue Ribbons -- setting a new record for mother & daughter (seven Blue Ribbons total), but best of all, as it was reported to me by the coordinator, people were talking about my entries, especially my vest, crocheted to look like knit, which caused a bit of controversy! 

The coordinator said the vest seemed to upset some spectators who thought the vest was entered in the wrong category, stating it should have been entered as a knitted item rather than a crocheted item.  And they should know because as they reportedly stated to the coordinator, "... they are knitters."

The coordinator said she explained to them that the vest was indeed crocheted, and asked if it weren't, why would there be a crochet pin on it?  The knitters were not satisfied with any answers the coordinator could offer them until she finally brought the piece over and showed them the "telltale" signs that the vest was indeed crocheted.

When the coordinator told me this story I couldn't help but giggle.  She said she did not need to explain the piece to the judges -- "they knewit was crocheted!" she exclaimed while sharing a giggle with me.  :)

                                                                        * * *

I also want to mention that two of our Chapter Founders also submitted items in the crochet category: Congratulations Hilda and Kay for your Ribbons!


crochetr said...

Way to go Mini Dee and Dee, Congrats on your many blue ribbons. Wow you inspire me to go out and enter my crochet items in the fair too. Wow again for such a great job! Sherri from Vegas

nancymissyboo said...

WooHOO to you two!  Congrats!  And way to go on the vest!!!!!!!!!  :D

haleyzim2 said...

I told you "regular" people would question that vest!!  Congrats to both of you on the beginning of a great fair season!  Just one question - are those your "bodies" that are displaying your items?  I want to enter my duster but am not sure how to display it.

jdquilt said...

Congrats to you and Mini Dee.  Very impressive.  I am quite intrigued by the crocheted to look knit vest!  Stunnning.  I would like to know if you pinapple skirt will be in any upcoming pattern books.  Thanks.  Janice

crochooked said...

Congratulations on the great work.  
You're an inspiration to us all.  
I have about 3 days to fill out my entry form & get it in the mail.  Let's see...what's going to the fair?  Jane

mhdesigner1 said...

Hi Dee,

Congrats on all your ribbons and Mini Dee too.  Now I am so curious - did you make another whole piece the same size as the one I saw at the meeting?  Inquiring minds want to know :-)