Saturday, August 2, 2008

CGOA Conference: Helping Hands

From the time the Vendor's Market opened to about halfway through the Fashion Show attendees were encouraged to bid to help raise funds for the Helping Hands Foundation.  Some of you may recall the Jay Leno head I created a few months back, as well as other heads I have given sneak peeks of here in past blog entries from time to time -- he was part of our CGOA Chapter's contribution.  Unfortunately I did not have all the heads sewn in by the time we arrived at the Conference, so I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Margaret for helping with the assembly -- actually, Margaret had sewn on a lot of heads getting the project completed!!  She did a lot of the sewing in the lobby which generated a lot of interest.  :)

Image 4 is the "Leno" side of the bag.  Our Chapter members had a lot of fun crocheting the little heads, often times getting caught up giving them personalities by adding hair ribbons and jewelry to make the look complete.  Both sides of the bag were "headed," and there was a crocheted "thumb" on the side to hold a cell phone.

There were a good number of gloves & mittens to bid on.  Mr. Dee did not take photos of them all as he ran out of time (he was helping them set up for the Fashion Show).  The biggest chuckle was the "Do not peek if you are easily offended" mittens.  They were contributed by Lily Chin.  You all know she's from New York City, right?  And that I consider this to be a "Rated G" blog ... so that means you won't be seeing them here.  LOL

During the Fashion Show they announced the winning bidders; I don't recall who won our "mitten purse," but it is a good feeling to know it helped raise needed funds.

Some of you have emailed me about pictures from the CGOA Design Contest.  Unfortunately I don't have a single picture other than what I posted for the Fashion Show a few days ago!  I'll explain why in tomorrow's wrap-up.

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