Monday, March 12, 2007

Questions From Readers: Waffles & Hooks


I want this crochet hook. Where can I find it?

Thanks so much,

Hi Dee,
What can you tell me about the Waffle Weave? Is it easy to do?
Thanx, Lynn

Dear Daphne and Lynn,
Thank you both for writing in. Another Graydog hook featured with the Waffle Weave TechniqueI decided to combine your questions since Daphne's question centered around a particular crochet hook I featured with a Waffle Weave project, and since Lynn's question was about the Waffle Weave (see image above).

Daphne, that hook was one of the very first Graydog crochet hooks I ever collected!  (I own many now!)  It has held up through miles & miles worth of various fibers beautifully!  The Graydog hook is a hand-turned crochet hook created by a husband and wife team, Bill and Jill, from California.  They no longer take custom orders, but you can bid on their hooks (and hopefully win) over at ebay.  Which reminds me ... I have an auction to bid on.  I'll be right back.  :)

...  drat, I was outbid.  Maybe next time.  That's the beauty (or pain?) of ebay; you have to keep trying until you win one of those Graydogs!  Of course there are websites you can visit to directly purchase hand-turned crochet hooks, like and -- two other hook creators that I adore very much!  Try them all and you'll see you'll love hand-turned crochet hooks as much as I do!! 

Lynn, pictured to the left is another image of a project I worked up using the Waffle Weave technique that is offered in a booklet by Nancy Nehring.   AnniesAttic still has one of her booklets available for sale at $6.95 (plus S&H)

Back on August 24, 2006, I discussed the differences between the Waffle Weave stitch and the Waffle Weave technique.  All photos featured today are of the technique.  Pretty, huh?

Your question, "Is it easy to do?" is not an easy one to answer!  For me, based upon my crochet knowledge & skill, I say yes.  Both the stitch and the technique are easy to create.  Not knowing your crochet knowledge & skill level, I'd have to say, mmmmaybe.  The only way we increase our skill level is by pushing ourselves to learn something new, so I recommend that you learn both.  Visit that entry I wrote back in August for more information.  If you get stuck, feel free to contact me, or if you're in the area, join me for a crochet class.  I'm in two locations in Connecticut:  A Stitch in Time in Bethel, and at Knitting Central in Westport.  I'd be happy to show you how to create both!  :D
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