Tuesday, March 6, 2007

NYC KOC2 Nixed for 2007

The KOC2 (Knit Out & Crochet Too) event held recently at the Mall of America was very successful. (See Margaret Hubert's blog for details)  In fact, it was too successful!  I know, I know, how can an event be too successful??

It's when an event is so wonderful that plans are made to repeat it -- but when the powers-that-be over at the Craft Yarn Council looked at their resources they realized that in order to create another KOC2 at the Mall of America, the KOC2 scheduled for NYC would need to be canceled.  So that's what they did.  Yep, that's right. The announcement was made yesterday: there will be no KOC2 in NYC this year.  The plan is to return the event in NYC come 2008.

So does this mean no KOC2 for Dee this year?? Hardly!  I have two to choose from --but I need help in deciding which way should I point my covered wagon and head!  Should I go East to the Boston KOC2 or West to the Pennsylvania KOC2?  I'm guessing that Guido (of http://itsapurlman.com), new to the world of happy hooking, would say "Dee, head East!!" -- and then I have fans, like Vivian, who come from PA every year to see me at the KOC2, would be saying, "Dee, head West!" -- decisions, decisions.  I guess I could be bribed with pretty yarn.  LOL

Really though, I haven't decided yet; I'm still trying to digest the news that there will be no KOC2 in NYC this year.   And, also, this issue hasn't been brought forth to my CGOA Chapter to see what they want to do.  (I think they could be bribed with yarn too, I'm just saying... lol) 

It's just sad that the KOC2 in NYC has been nixed for this year. Tags: , , , , , , ,


Anonymous said...

Great post, Dee!

I've bookmarked It's a Purlman and started listening to his podcast.


Anonymous said...

This is very disappointing news.  Is there anyway they will reconsider.  Perhaps all the New York area groups could petition them to change their mind.


Anonymous said...

What kind of yarn would make the best bribe? :-)
I vote West! Jane in PA, we have a new CGOA Chapter in Harrisburg