Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now What Do I do? (New Toy Arrives)

How do I decide?? I'm really torn!!  Do I continue to play with the "Amazing Needle"  or do I set it aside for the *new to me* 1970s K-Tel Knitter that just arrived??!!??

Check out this ad for it (I love the excitement in the guy's voice! LOL):

If you're interested in getting one too, I got mine from

For those that have already tried this blast from the past would you mind sharing your experience with it? I'm intrigued that you can cut the finished fabric (per the advertisement) without fear of it unraveling!  Hmmmmm, and I wonder how it would felt up ...  

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Anonymous said...

I never saw this but I do remember the knitting machine from the 70's that made a knitted tube by mattel and one is a Barbie one, I remember making tubes and circles and really fast by turning the crank and then putting crochet in between to attach them.  So I bought one on ebay.  Then soon after they came out with one far inferior in quality and it sells over at Michaels.  But its not the same at all.  

Anonymous said...

now after watching that I want one too but I am curious about cutting it anywhere? You will have to give an update on that!

Anonymous said...

I don't see how it would not felt up any better or worse than any other knitted or crocheted fabric.

I'm intrigued by how it works...

Please post pictures of projects should you decide to undertake one with this thing!

Blast from the past, indeed!