Monday, March 5, 2007

Crochet Demonstration A Success!!

Our Crochet Demonstration yesterday, held at the Bethel Library, was a success!  We had many types of crochet on display and had fun teaching crochet to newbies, and helping those who came to get assistance with projects. 

I enjoyed teaching a mother-daughter duo how to crochet left handed, and helped a knitter realize that it's OK to "throw" her yarn over her hook, much as she would if she were knitting. She was "full speed ahead" after that, later declaring a new found love for crochet! (I love those moments!!)

I also was "gifted" with various bracelets and necklaces my children worked up during the event while Mr. Dee took pictures.  The bracelet & necklace set my daughter worked up was quite pretty.  I asked her if I could video her recreating it and post it to my blog sometime in the future -- she said she'd be game!!  Awesome!  {{VBG}}  

The Bethel library has a great selection of various crochet books -- Donna Kooler's enclopedia of crochet, Pauline Turner's How to Crochet, Maggie Reghetti's Crocheting in Plain English, and more!  -- check out your local library branch and see what they have!  You just may be pleasantly surprised! 

 Yes indeed, yesterday's event was quite a lot of fun!!    :) 
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Anonymous said...

Crocheting in Plain English is my favorite to give someone just learning AND my own copy is quite tattered from being drug thru a multitude of moves <LOL>