Sunday, March 25, 2007

Questions From Readers: Crochet Classes

Hi Dee,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed [Tuesday's] crochet class at A Stitch in Time. As I drove home from the class, I was getting so excited just thinking about all the crochet projects that await me! Last night, I ripped out what I worked on in class and started over again, keeping in mind what you talked about. What a difference! I now know that this project will turn out great.

It was so nice meeting you. I'm going to be on the lookout for more of your classes. [Tuesday's] class went by way too quickly!

Thanks for all your great helpful hints, and again, I loved the class!

P.S. I also loved your Web site, and spent quite a bit of time on it last night!

Thank you, Azra, for such the rave; it was a pleasure to have you in class!  I can't wait to see your finished project!!  :)

Quite often I am asked as to what the benefit is to taking a crochet class.  I think there are many:
    * You get to touch samples
    * You get to see, live & in person, examples worked up
    * You have the opportunity for impromptu lessons that perhaps are not covered in books/magazines/online websites (of if they are, you'd need to know exactly where to go each time you had a question)
    * You get other perspectives with class participants
    * You get to feed upon the energy of both the teacher as well as the other participants and that makes the experience much more fun  (after all, when was the last time a book "high fived" you for learning something?)
    * You get motivated/inspired to keep going!  This is because classes have their own "personalities" and long after the class is over you'll have the memory of it to spur you on! 
     * In a class environment, you get to engage more of your five-senses, and this allows you to absorb the lesson quicker and more thoroughly.
    * And let me reemphasize, is just plainly more fun!!

With this in mind, registration for the National CGOA Conference will open soon.  Of course I already have a list of classes I want to take -- exactly for all the reasons I've listed above! 

So, be the classes local, or national, treat yourself by signing up for a crochet class today!  :)
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