Friday, March 16, 2007

Ponderings Upon the Last Stitch

On the weather channels we're in the shaded area forecasted to receive in excess of 12 inches of snow today.  Looking out the window all that I can see is a mass of whiteness falling from the sky.  Of course this means it's a snowday for the children, and yes, they are quite excited to be home from school.  I see today as prime time to stay inside, sipping on hot chocolate, catching up on emails while watching my children playing happily together. 

Dee Jr. is wearing his new sweater; it's completely done.  Or is it?  I question this because I love fine detail, subtle details.  (perhaps this is why I love those old Victorian homes?)  I often times will find myself picking up projects I've completed and looking them over wondering where I can sneak in a fine detail here or there that will will fit that artistic quest that I have.  As I watch him play, I wonder over and over: Have I finished his sweater?

I took a quick snapshot of him and thought I'd share it so that perhaps you can see what I see:  The sweater striped up seemingly like magic using Caron's Simply Soft "Shadows," but the solid green row of color is Plymouth's "Encore."  It's one of my favorite details I  added to his sweater as it's a solid row of color that runs from one sleeve, across the chest, and down the other sleeve using very tall linked stitches.  I even added some surface crocheting to help it look "set in."  Then, to add even more to the detailing, I changed the direction of the stitches for the top section of the sleeves (can you see the direction change on his left arm?)  That aspect of the project was made much easier thanks to Lily Chin's new book "Couture Crochet Workshop: Mastering Fit, Fashion, and Finesse.

He tells me his new sweater is very soft and warm.  I smile.  He is happy with it.  Mini-Dee tried it on too; and gave it a good petting.  She said nothing, but I saw the question appear in her eyes.  The snow IS falling quite heavy.  There is NO way, especially after Monday's little "trip," that I will head out doors.  I have plenty of hot chocolate on hand, and more "Shadows" in my stash -- I think there's a good chance she'll end up with one of these sweaters too.  (A good excuse to test my pattern, right?)

Still, I hear that little voice in the back of my mind: Can more detailing be added to Dee Jr's sweater?  I'll make another cup of hot chocolate and ponder this some more.

What about you, readers?  Do you ever fight the urge to "do more" on your completed projects, or when you tuck in that last tail do you consider the project complete and then move on to another? 

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