Monday, March 26, 2007

Question From Reader: Greatest Crocheting Time

My ? to you is, what is the longest amount of time that you ever went non stop crochetting?

My dear Shelley,
I know I'm a in need of another cup of coffee because when I first read your question I thought it said "what is the longest amount of time you ever stopped crocheting" -- for those interested, the answer would be about five years. It was during the time I was in college and working two jobs.  Did I miss crocheting during that time? Yes I did!!

In answering to your real question, "what is the longest amount of time that you ever went non stop crochetting?," I'd have to say (with limited stretching/coffee/potty breaks) that the longest time I've crocheted non-stop is 18 hours straight.  It's those deadlines that keep you motivated to keep stitching -- from finishing items for judging completions, for last minute gift giving, and so on!  Now, if I do find myself crocheting for great lengths of time like that, when the project has been completed, I'll often take a few days off from crocheting to recharge my batteries. And my stash! {{VBG}}

What about you, readers?  What was the longest break you ever took from crochet?  And, what was the longest non-stop amount of time you crocheted in a single day?  Go ahead & vote, and/or leave your story here in the comments! :)

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The following comments are from Shelley:

Dear Dee,  I guess it was the other night -- i was so determined to finish the baby blanket made up of the new stitich that you taught us and i finally got it ( i am left-handed and i find it a little more of a challenge .  It was over 10 hours-- did stop for a drink of tea  and a restroom break.  Thank you for your answer.   Shelley Senker
Comment from shelleys38 - 3/26/07 10:51 PM