Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rock on!

So this is it! Crista and Jeremy's big day and the weather forecast can't be any better for an outdoor wedding!  ... and since the celebration will be going on until -- oh, I don't know, perhaps into the wee hours? -- there's a good chance of us seeing the 2006 Perseids Meteor shower tonight.  How fitting is it that this adventurous couple, that met while car racing, be blessed with one of the most spectacular sky shows?  Rock on!

To answer Sheila's question:  ".....and you HONESTLY did NOT crochet anything for the bride?????"  No, Sheila, amazingly (yeah, I'm still stunned over this self-admission) I didn't.  I haven't figured out what to create for them -- yet.  But, feeling guilty I guess, I had my daughter help me in crocheting some "bows" for the gift.  Does that count?  :)  This is the same couple that received the Overlay Crochet coasters I created awhile ago when I attended a workshop held by Melody MacDuffee.

On that note, I'm off.  I need to prepare my speech I'll be giving when I present my rock (part of the five elements) during the ceremony.  But fret not, visit for Episode 5 -- and be careful! -- that Rowans Carnival Shawl looks mighty tempting!

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