Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fairy Tales Do Come True!

The wedding yesterday was just incredible!  It was like watching a fairy tale come to life!

Congratulations Crista & Jeremy!

Now, because I know many are wondering why I put my hooks down, these two images should be explanation enough.  First, the Bride's Cake: traditional carrot cake with cream cheese icing ...

... and the Groom's Cake ... dark chocolate layers topped with creamy chocolate icing that was decorated to represent all the landscaping he did to make the wedding/reception area so spectacular! His cake was a surprise to him (planned by his new bride!) -- and he loved it!  Actually, thinking back, his cake made a huge impression on all the guests!  The "rocks" on the cake are edible!! LOL

 I was thrilled to create these cakes for them! Does this mean that there was no crochet for the entire ceremony? Well, actually, crochet did make an appearance during the rock portion of the ceremony. It turns out the groom used to love his "wowie" (his baby blanket) and his mother presented her rock wrapped in a piece of it. Yeah, not a dry eye around; it was a really touching moment!

If you'd like to see larger images of the cakes, visit my flickr site at


Anonymous said...

Wow...beautiful!  Just BEAUTIFUL!!!


Anonymous said...

Dee, Beautiful work on the cakes.  Jane

Anonymous said...

Dee, There both fantastic, I bet they tasted great too!

Anonymous said...

The bride is beautiful and they look so happy!  The cakes look amazing!  Look at all your hidden talent!!  Hope to see you tomorrow at KT!  Grins, Haley