Saturday, August 5, 2006

Guest Blogger: Casey

Hi, it's me, Casey, Dee's daughter. Or as my dad likes to call me, the next Lily Chin.  He says that because I like to crochet and do fun stuff with my stitches.  My mom has been busy crocheting up a hat with linked stitches so I thought I'd do a blog entry for her.

I've been busy crocheting too. When I went to the Coffee, Crochet & Chat evening session with mom this week, one of the ladies there gave me a big bag of yarn.  There was all different kinds of yarns in it.  Eyelash, sparkley, and a kind that looks like a ladder.  They range in colors of pinks to silvers; I like them all!  They're pretty fancy and they're leftovers from the lady's projects.  The lady is a member of our crochet group.  Her name is Celeste.

I was happy to get this bag of treasures and couldn't wait to crochet!  I borrowed a hook from my mom -- one of her wooden ones she got from "Graydog."  I sure liked using it much better than the metal hooks I have! 

I started with 12 chains with one as my turning chain.  Then I worked it up into a circle that later turned into a basket shape.  I made some more chains then connected it to the other side and when I was done I had a pretty purse for my Barbie.  I'm on my third designer purse for my Barbies.  Maybe my mom will take a picture of them for me.  I'll ask her.

I can't wait for the next monthly meeting so I can show the lady who gave me the bag of yarn all the pretty purses I've made.  I think she'd be happy with my crochet work.  {{Thank you Celeste!!!}}

If you have kids that want to crochet like me, visit my website at There's fun games, fun things to make, some books, and some stories of other kids learning how to crochet.  If your kid has a crochet story and would like to be added, let my Mom know!

Oh, and let me say a Thank You to Lily Chin too for letting me sit in one of her classes at the Conference with my mom for a little while.  She sure had a lot of projects to show everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Casey - nice to see you as Mom's Guest Blogger!  Can't wait to see pics of your Barbie purse.  I bet its pretty!

I think it is wonderful that you crochet like mom and that you are encouraging other children to crochet too.  Keep up the great work!

How did it feel to be modelling your confirmation cape at the CGOA conference?  Were you nervous about being in front of all of those people?

Sure was nice of Celeste to give you a bag of goodies :).  Crocheters sure are nice people!  

Take care and may your stitches never unravel!
Sheila (Mom's friend)