Friday, August 25, 2006

Oh My! RAK'd again!

This week I have fallen in love. We're not talking casual flirting, infatuation, or even high school crushes here.  We're talking love, love, love!  I love my RAK'ing gift, a beautiful Indonesian Rosewood Crochet Hook, complete with a captive ring and a glass Pink Ribbon Bead with silver insert by the creative team of BrainsBarn ... Annie and Brian.  And you know it's love when your heart skips a beat and you're left speechless:

They included a note which stated,

Because you are a crochet cheerleader...
Because you are a caring, unselfish person...
Because you are a great mom...and it shows!
Because you are a tireless volunteer...
Because you just care ...

Pick any of the above! and please accept this as a token of our appreciation and as a reminder for what the CGOA was all about... not only for crochet but in helping Breast Cancer Awareness.

Oh my; I'm blushing!  What an absolutely delightful surprise to find this treat in my mailbox!

How I met Anne and Brian:  I met Anne first; she posted to the online group known as Crochet Partners and we've been keeping in touch ever since.  When I discovered that her husband creates crochet hooks I wondered if they could create one for me that included a Giraffe.  (You know me & my giraffes!)  Anne wrote back that if I could find a giraffe I'd like placed on the hook then they could certainly do it for me.  I'm still searching for the allusive giraffe (you'd think that since they're such tall animals they'd be easy to find; not so! LOL) 

So flash forward about a year or so and we're all at the CGOA's National Crochet Conference ... turns out Anne and her husband were the winning bidders of the bra I donated for the auction!  I walked up to them and introduced myself and it was like an instant family reunion!  What wonderful people they are!  ... and for those that would like another look, here's Brian wearing the bra:

It seems they've been busy RAK'ing other's too:
       See what Amie screamed
here when she opened her mailbox ... what's this? Drew is seeing snakes?

Anne & Brian, Thank you for the RAK'ing!  I feel like a Fairy Princess with a magical wand that will create beautiful stitches for my charity works to come!  :)
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