Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Free Patterns? Who Knew?

Free shipping at!  Code:  AUGFSA625I certainly didn't!

Yesterday on the Crochet Partners list (a most fantastic online crochet group to belong to!) it was posted that
Joann's has free crochet patterns.

Whaaaa? I thought.  How many times have I shopped online with them?  A lot!  Then how come I didn't notice the free patterns?  Because I didn't go looking for them. See, this is what happens sometimes when yarn is waved in my face.  Forgetaboutit!

Armed with this new information I decided to revisit Joann's and discover the patterns myself.  I clicked onto the big "Project Ideas" link they have, then a little click onto the "Yarn & Stitch" option, admired the picture of the lacy cropped crocheted cardigan they have pictured, and then clicked onto the "More Project ideas" link and I was there.   Apparently I need to poke my head out of my yarn stash more often!  What a great discovery!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Now THAT is just way too weird!!!!  I was on LionBrand's site this morning going over THEIR free patterns and here you write about Joann's having some on their site.  Now cut that out!!!!

Thanks for letting us know about the Joann's site.  I've already been there, courtesy of your journal, and bookmarked them!

So many project, so little time!  LOL!


PS - LionBrand had some cute kid's patterns for purses that Casey might be interested in.