Sunday, August 6, 2006

I Need Closure

Do you ever get the feeling that you simply cannot move on unless there is a proper/perfect closure?  In life, it seems, I enjoy the quest of getting that closure, and today I got a little bit of that when I attended a local bead exposition.  What? Did you think I'd venture off the crochet topic and touch on relationships?  No, no such luck today!  {{grins}}   Actually the event was called a "Bead Fiesta," and I had heard about it when I attended the recent morning session of the "Coffee, Crochet & Chat" event I've been mentioning this week.

So, getting closure.  Part of crocheting jewelry means, besides having the most wonderful, the most beautiful-ist, most terrific-icall-ist beads in color, texture, and shape -- we also need the right closures.  I'm talking clasps!  Toggles!  The piece that holds it all together!

As I wondered from vendor to vendor this afternoon I searched and searched.  I knew exactly what I was looking for thanks to the new catalog I received from Fire Mountain Gems in yesterday's mail.  I wanted a clasp or toggle that included a jewel (or perhaps lots of jewels!)  with beautiful detailing swirling around it -- perhaps something like this or this (click to see)!  Yes, I wanted to pick out the clasp fit for a Queen!  And yes, I'm looking for grandeur!  I thought for sure one of the vendors would specialize in this as eventually all projects, beaded, strung, or crocheted, eventually need to come to an end -- and will need closure.  But it wasn't so. 

There was nothing there but beautiful beads.   Ugh!  The self-control I had to exert from adopting more was excruciating!  I did manage to find one vendor that had magnetic clasps and I recalled how an attendee (Ruth) at the morning session of "Coffee, Crochet & Chat," had raved about them.  I bought two and will use them for future bracelets I have planned (inspired by the recent Tunisian Jewelry class I took with Kathleen Power-Johnson at the Conference).  I'm not sure how they'll hold up/together for a heavy necklace, but they are pretty.

So as my quest for the perfect closure continues, the wait to complete my "inspiration" -- going on 144 days now -- will too.  Is there hope for me?       {{chuckles}}

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Anonymous said...

Self-control stinks!!!!  LOL!