Friday, July 21, 2006

Greetings from the CGOA Conference Vendor Floor

I had taken a few video clips from the Conference, but only one video survived (I'm hoping this doesn't mean I need to purchase another new camera).  Anyway, this is a greeting from Lisa Gentry ... the Guinness World Record Holder as "Fastest Crocheter"

Greetings from the CGOA Conference Vendor Floor


wipforever said...

Nice video, Dee!  Am I wrong or didn't I read somewhere in this blog that Lily Chin also held some sort of crochet record?   It's been a while ago, so it's possible that I'm mistaken.

I wanted to know more about Lisa Gentry's record, so I found some info on the internet (there were lots of sites to choose from!).  Lisa's stats are VERY impressive!  Bet it takes her no time to make an afghan!  LOL!  OR SEVERAL!!!!

There was another record in there set by someone else - longest crochet chain.  38 miles worth!!!  I thought that was pretty impressive as well.  Unfortunately, it didn't say how long it took to make.  I'll have to go through my niece's copy of "Guiness" when I visit and see if any of these are in there.  (I'm a bit of a trivia buff - I don't always remember the info, but I get curious and look stuff like that up.)

Hugs to you,

bumbles102774 said...

I thought it was awsome when Lisa Gentry was teaching me to knit! She is so nice and I love her German accent! ~Christy

altobarb said...

Lisa holds the Guinness Book record as the world's fastest crocheter.  

Lily's title comes from the CYCA and it's Great Britain equivalent who get together every 2 years to choose a new title holder.  Lily has held this title for the last 3 years, with another crochet-off (and knit-off) due this fall in England, I believe.

Two different titles, two different contests, kind of like Miss USA and Miss America, I guess!