Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who Let Dee Out?

It's very hot & humid out and I've been spending the afternoon laying upside down on the couch enjoying the cool breeze from the fan (my children do it, so why can't I?) while getting in some reading recommended by Priscilla: iconicon

I'm reading, "
Who Let the Blogs Out?" by Biz Stone.  I'm on Chapter Two and he states, "Stay on passion...and infect every post with attitude."  He also states that the average blog entry is one paragraph long. 

Seemingly, based upon what Biz said, I do try to positively inject my passion for crochet into each and every one of my entries -- or at least I hope I do.  I'm not so sure about "infecting" though.  I don't think I can "infect" anyone with crochet -- that comes from the mere act of crocheting!  (Or does it?  Wasn't I "infected" with a WIM posted by Amy recently??) 

And what about his "one paragraph" blogging etiquette rule?  Obviously I break that rule with nearly every entry I write!  How can one limit their thoughts to just one paragraph when there is so much "injecting & infecting" to be done?  It's like walking into a yarn shop and being told you can only purchase one skein of yarn ... I can see that happening once in awhile (like in a Wallace & Grimace movie, perhaps!), but not everytime!

When I first started this blog, I did so based on the many requests of my students.  At each "Stitch & Chat" class I would relay (inject perhaps?) the latest crochet news, gossip, events, bits of history and projects going on in my fiber world.  And while I still do this (and let me say I still find it com-plete-ly amazing when they reply, "Oh, I know that already Dee -- I read it in your blog!") I love that I have been able to "inject & infect" more people than I ever thought possible, with the love of crochet just by sharing what I enjoy here!  I draw this conclusion as with each passing day my hit counter grows closer and closer to hitting 100,000 visitors. 

And I know not all of my readers are my students!  (After all, I can't imagine them sitting there clicking onto the "refresh" button to make my blog counter jump when they should be practicing their stitches & techniques; or even blogging about their own projects! Right!??  LOL)  No, it seems through the power of blogging that I've been able to cross state lines, borders and oceans to do "infecting & injecting" on the joys of crochet with the taping of a few (well, OK, with a LOT of) keystrokes. 

I've even had the pleasure of meeting many of you at the recent Conference, and more of you are emailing me to state that you're looking forward to seeing me at the New York City "Knit Out & Crochet Too" event that's coming up! 

Biz is right, blogging "does help you find your voice."  But I think I've found something more than just my voice.  I've found a kinship -- a world of people who are just as passionate about crochet as I am and they enjoy coming here and being a part of my fiber world.  I just love it & want to thank you, my readers, for making blogging so much fun for me.  Thank you!

Now if two chapters from this book has me gushing on like this, I wonder what the rest of the book has in store for me.  Perhaps I should read the rest sitting up straight?  :)

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