Sunday, July 9, 2006

Coaxing & Pleading Leads to a New Shop

Just about every thought I have right now is for the Conference ... the drive out, checking in, the classes, the crochet sightings, and most especially -- the people!  Since we just discovered a potential problem w/my vehicle, this will be my last journal post until I'm at the Conference.  I'll be needing to spend some time at the Auto Service Center tomorrow having my vehicle reexamined; I surely do not want to give Murphy (as in Murphy's Law) any room to think he's invited on this trip!

But, all is not lost!  I've been chatting (coaxing? pleading?) with Heidi of about how much I love her crochet theme cartoons she has on her website -- and of my deep desire to enjoy a great cup of coffee with one of her cro-toons on it, or perhaps wear a T-shirt.  I inquired with her if she offered such items along with her beautiful stitch markers and earrings ... but she didn't. 

So we got to chatting some more and now the latest news is, yes!  W
e crochet lovers can now purchase items featuring her crochet humor!!  You've sooooo got to go check out her new shop on CafePress!  On the right is a sample from her
YarnToon shop! Whoo hoo!!

Heidi will be at the conference, and in fact, Dream Weaver Yarns will be selling her entire line of knitting and crochet stitch marker/jewelry at the CGOA conference Market (Booth 413-415), including the pink ribbon ones. 

I also want to mention that if you have children to crochet for, be sure to check out her latest booklet called "Bath Buddies," by Jeanette Crews Designs.  How cute!  She has some images of the Bath Buddies pictured on her website here if you'd like more details.

Awesome; thanks Heidi for making this crocheter's dream come true!  See you at the Conference!  :)

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