Sunday, July 16, 2006

CGOA Conference ... Day (what day were we on last?)

We've arrived at our next hotel (the CGOA Conference is officially over) and now have a normal Internet connection/speed.  So, while I have a load of laundry in the wash I thought I'd share some more of my experiences.

First, let's get the awful stuff out of the way, OK.  Rarely do I vent, but when I do it's for a good reason: Injustice.  The hotel at the Conference really lacked -- in everything.  I've already expressed what happened upon our arrival and how we ended up in a "Fantasy Room" ... but now that fantasy may become a horrible nightmare as the hotel tacked on an extra $600 to my bill.  Not for the room, but for the Internet connection!!  You bet I'm fighting it!  There were many other "disgruntlements" but this was by far the largest. 

Getting back to the reason why I was at the Conference ... for the classes & for the people!  I spent yesterday and today hanging out with Lily Chin.  She is amazing; the amount of information she has in her head and her ability to reach all of her students is absolutely amazing.  I'm really inspired to pick up my coloring pencils and doodle some fun designs.  The kids enjoyed hanging out with her for a bit too.

I'm going to hold off on telling about the Fashion Show, but will tell you that the last picture in today's post is of me wearing the tank top I mentioned along my version of  the "Lacy Leaf Cocoon" that is featured in the Spring issue of Interweave Press Crochet magazine.  (I altered the pattern to fit me & my personality).  While I'm mentioning this item, I also want to add that it was THE most recognizable pattern at the Conference -- many, many people were wearing them in a variety of colors and fibers.  How cool!  (If you're looking to create one, do note that there's now corrections for the pattern.)

OK, that's it for now.  Gotta take care of that sleep depravation issue ...

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Anonymous said...

Comments, comments!!!!

Lily Chin - you talk about her a lot and it's nice to see pics of her.  I LOVE her dress!!!!  

Love your tank and cocoon!!!!  Love the color!!  Looks very good on you!

Are you sure hubby just doesn't have a lingerie fetish?  heeheehee!!!  Just teasing!

Speaking of dresses, I appreciate the link you have to the corrections.  It led me to a pattern for a tank dress.  It's for an advanced crocheter, but I saved it so that I can aspire and perspire to the skill level it's for! :)

I completely sympathize with you on the hotel's extra charges!!!!!!!  That makes ME mad and I wasn't even there!  I hope you are refunded the money without having to get into some messy litigation but if that is what you have to do, then I'd do it (IMHO).  

It has been my experience in making travel arrangements for people I worked with and for that whenever there is a conference, you can generally bet that the hotels are going to gouge the heck out of you.  Of course, it's one thing when the company is paying for it and another when it comes out of your own pocket.

Take here for example - home of Cedar Point Amusement Park.  A nice hotel room at the Sheraton will cost you $40/night in the late fall and winter.  That same room will go for $200 in June through August.  It's ridiculous!!!

Hope you got some rest and can get this resolved soon.

Love and hugs,