Friday, July 14, 2006

CGOA 2006 National Conference: Day One

Today was just a whirlwind of fun starting with a fantastic class taught by Nancy Nehring on how to create your own crochet hooks.  One would think what could be so hard about that?  Well, it's not that it's hard or simple to create a hook, but more in looking at what makes you like the type of hook you use most.  What an eye opener!  I'm really impressed with the hook that I created (I have a blister on my finger as my proof!  LOL), so do check it out!  Thanks Nancy, for such a great class!!  (It's image #2)

Christy, my dear, you're a hoot!  I loved having you in class today.  I will be blogging about our class some more, but because it's taking a zillion years to upload images, I'm going to save it for the recap entry that I'll do when I return home.

Other exciting moments of the day was my class with Melissa Leapman.  The class was very informative and I think it will also gave me a little bravado to pitch a book idea to a publisher tomorrow ... we'll see what happens.  I also got to talk to Drew (The Crochet Dude) some more; he's so charming!

At the Keynote Address Rita Weiss filled in for President Nancy Brown who was delayed in getting to the Conference -- she made a great MC  (Master of Ceremonies).  She presented Gwen Blakley-Kinsler, the Founder of the Crochet Guild of America, and Pam Oddi, Webmistriss, with LifeTime Memberships for their many, many years of volunteering their time to the Guild.  How wonderful!

Afterwards was the Gift Exchange.  How that works is, you crochet an item (there was a $10 spending limit), and leave it on the table.  Then you go back later and pick an item NOT belonging to you.  Then you meet the person who crocheted your item.  That was a lot of fun.

Then the Vendors Market opened!  This means they started placing the Bravo! bras on display, and  Debby Macomber was there too.   I also got to meet Lisa Gentry -- and in fact have a video clip of her saying hello to all of you, but again, I'm having difficulties in uploading, so that will have to wait awhile longer. 

Did I mention the appetizers?  The wine?   LOL; that was good too!  And this also means the "Sixty Odd, a fiber odyssey" booth was open.  (Everyone was gathering in front of the Freeform booth; check out image #13 with Myra "womaning" the booth, and then the gang -- image #14 -- of the gang!)  A Be sure to check out what pictures did manage to upload tonight ... more adventures coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Oh, and Shelley, I'm sorry you will not be able to make it to the Conference this year -- I will get Prudence's book for you.  In fact, I called her in her hotel room and requested she especially set aside one for you :)

Have a great night everyone ...
~one really sleepy Dee


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I know I saw pictures here earlier....

Thanks for sharing the pics.  Looks like you are having a WONDERFUL time there!  I am really impressed with the hook-making too!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sheila.  Yes, you're right, the pictures where here and then somewhere between the point of me getting some shut-eye to the point of me waking up this morning they all went MIA somewhere in AOL-land.  It took (another) two hours of uploading, but they're here, hopefully for good.  Please note they may not be in the same order that the Journal Entry references to.

I'm off to go play with Pauline Turner this morning ... see you all later!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh!  There they are!  There's that smiling Dee face again! :)  Sorry they took so long to upload.  Hope you have an endless supply of coffee this morning, and bandaids for that blister!

Looking forward to the next entry.....

Love and hugs,

PS - Why is it whenever I see pics of the crocheted bras I think of Madonna and her breast-cone phase????

Anonymous said...

Dear Dee,
  I really enjoy reading all of your journal entries from the  CGOA  conference-- looking forward to taking classes with you.  Can' t thank you enough for not only getting me a copy of Prudence Mapstone's book but personally caling her up and reserving it for me.  One day i would actually love to meet her in person and of course Margaret too.  Enjoy every moment -- You certainly deserve it.  
       Hope to see you on Tuesday.  Fondly -- your student-- Shelley