Saturday, November 5, 2005

Taking a Breath ...

... and trying to catch up seems to be on my agenda today.  This includes cleaning out my automobile of all *hidden* yarn stash (gasp!  I had that much in there?); to helping prepare for winter around the house ("If we pack the yarn against the walls, dear, it will act as insulation and we won't need to run the heat as much). 

I went to the LYS today and struck *fiber gold!*  Yeah, fifty-percent off!  I had no clue of the sale prior to going -- gotta love, love, love!  when that happens!!!  (giggles & grins)  So this means I finally have all the fibers picked out for the three scarves I'll be designing/crocheting for my son to give his teachers as gifts this year.  The three color themes will be neutral, rainbow and mulberry, each with a hint of *sparkle* to it as my way of thanking them for sparking my children into wanting to learn more.  I'll post pictures when they're completed.  The image to the right is the three teacher scarves I created two years ago. (click onto it to enlarge) I'll have to see if I took pictures of last years. 

This is a hat, scarf & mitten set I crocheted and donated in 2002; sorry, no pattern available

And speaking of scarves, we have a new count!  Woo-hoo!  Here's where we stand:

Sherri:  1 scarf  (with a pledge of more to come)
Jess:     1 scarf  (donated to a local family advocates group)
Dee:      3 scarves (I'll have another fresh on the hook in a few hours)
Sandi:    1 scarf (donated to Hurricane Katrina survivor)
Robin:   4 scarves with another to follow (being donated to homeless shelter)

Thats 10 scarves ... we still have 25 days of November left ... we can meet this challenge!  Need some inspiration? 
Then click here to read this article about a woman crocheting by feel!  She says, "My fingers remember how to crochet"

(Note: the hat, mitten & scarf set pictured on the right was crocheted and donated by me in 2002.  I placed the image in this blog/journal entry to show what can be created to help others.  The hat & scarf are something I had "whipped" up at the time, and the mittens are from a pattern I had found on the Internet.  If I locate the website for the mittens again, I'll post the link)


Anonymous said...

Sorry I seem to have missed something...I'd love to know more about the hat/scarf/mittens set in the picture...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining about the hat/scarf/mittens, Dee! I'd especially like to know about the scarf, it looks really interesting.