Thursday, November 17, 2005

I Need a Squad

About two weeks ago, Sheila, a long-time CWD blog/journal reader, called me a "Crochet Cheerleader" and even sent me the cheerleader graphic you see here today.  Designer Carolyn Christmas called me a "Crochet Cheerleader" when she emailed Martha Stewart about having me on her show to teach crochet(BTW Martha, my answering machine is not the most reliable.  If you called, I didn't get your message.  Please email me instead.)  Even Gwen Blakley Kinsler, founder of the Crochet Guild of America, has referenced to me as a Crochet Cheerleader.  So, is it possible?  Am I a Cheerleader?

I think, even though I have no experience in being an actual cheerleader with uniform & pom poms, that I am beginning to warm up to the idea.  But this does mean that I cannot cheer alone!  I need a Squad of Crochet Cheerleaders!   Are you a Cheerleader of Crochet too?  If so read on! 

I decided today to start my own, no, no, that does not sound right.  Lets cross out the word "my" and insert "our."  Yes, that sounds better.  Lets start this again, shall we?

I decided today to start our own ring group that consists of members who are also Cheerleaders for the Art of Crochet.  I'm looking for those who would like to Crochet With ME by positively promoting crochet regardless of crochet skill level.  Interested?  Good!  :)

Join | List

All you need to do to join the join the webring to add your blog or website to the Squad.  Picking up several skeins of yarn and waving them in the air shouting "Rah! Rah! Rah! Crochet is Great!" is entirely up to you. 

"Rah! Rah! Rah!  Crochet is Great!"


Anonymous said...

I signed up,  I also got a failure notification email from aol saying the notification email had not went through to your aoil email.

Anonymous said...

You should be all set with the "I Cheer for Crochet" list  :)
Thanks for joining us "cheerleaders!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee, and thank you for allowing me to join Cheering for the Art of Crochet.
I have a new blog format now.........I hope that I can get lots more crochet stuff in there now for all to enjoy. So far I have links up to 25 free pattern sites. Yay! Go Crochet!
Truely An Art In It's Finest Hour!