Sunday, November 20, 2005

Crochet on Parade?

We celebrated my son's birthday by attending the parade in Stamford, Connecticut.  I don't know who was more excited: me, or my children!  ((I've always wanted to attend a parade that had those huge inflated balloons I see every Thanksgiving on television!  For me, it was like a wish come true!))

First, my family and I drove down to the city yesterday and popped in at the Knit Together yarn shop where I teach.  While there my husband met the owners and some of the staff -- and later said he can see why I enjoy teaching there.  I picked up two different fibers ("Fizz" by Crystal Palace Yarns  which is 100% polyester,  and "Color Me" -- a handpainted yarn called "Misty" that's 55% Mohair and 45% Merino Wool) and used the stores' swift and ball winder to blend them into one.  My goal was to crochet up a new hat for my daughter -- in time for her to wear while watching the parade!  The question is, could I do it in time??  (I know I seem like I'd be a fast crocheter, but really I'm not; my 55-65 stitches in 3 minutes is nothing compared to Lisa and Lily!)

You see, my daughter can't stand piling all her hair under her hat, and as she continues to grow it out to later donate to Locks of Love, the problem will only grow!  It "makes the hat wobbly" and it "messes up" her hair.  (quotes from my daughter)  So, I challenged myself to crochet her a new hat that took these concerns of hers into consideration and resolve them.  After all, what good is a hat if a child refuses to wear it, right?

We checked into our hotel and then headed out to watch the balloons inflate (see Elmo image above)There were many people there just like us enjoying the sights.  But was I really watching the balloons inflate, or was I on crochet patrol?  Did I have crochet sightings?  You betcha!  ((giggles))
click to enlarge image

Afterwards we headed to the Stamford Mall so my son could spend his birthday money, (Hmmm, lots of crochet sightings there!)  and then back to the hotel to let him rest up a bit (he's been fighting a cold).  So as we settled in for the night, I grabbed the yarn & hook and set to work.  Within a few hours the new hat was done and she was tickled!  We're calling it "The Pony Cap."  I even have enough fiber left over to play around with creating a scarf to match!  (Yes, her face in the image is intentionally blurry)

We woke early this morning, checked out of the hotel and dashed down to grab prime "real estate" along the parade route -- and what a great time we had!! (complete with more crochet sightings with those watching with us, and those participating in the parade itself! -- oh! I am so bad!!  LOL)

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Anonymous said...

Dee, Im finished with 3 scarves I did try for 5 but Im afraid I wont be able to complete them by the end of this month. So can you send me your addy at and I will ship them out to you:) I had a blast making them I hope you like them and they keep someone nice and toastie:)
 And I just love your daughters cap. My granddaughter would love it too. Im sure!