Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Crochet Brings out the Character in Us

Hey, check it out!  Pictured with me is Iris, a character from the comic strip "For Better or Worse."  I took the liberty to dress her in a "modular poncho" because -- thanks to Patti -- we now know that Iris is a crocheter just like us because it's listed on Iris' bio page(Hmmm, looks like I sure could have used a pair of sunglasses!  Got an extra pair, Iris?)

Being naturally curious, I decided to write to the staff of the comic strip and find out where Iris gets her crochet hobby.  It seems that
Allison Zadorozny, the Executive Associate, is the crocheter and when they were developing Iris for the strip she gave her passion for crochet to Iris!  So how cool is that?!!  :)

Moving on with the topic of characters that crochet, have you heard about Barbie?  Yeah, it looks like Ken wants to get back with her; apparently it's hard to move on when you've been with someone for 40 years.  Ken will be going through an extreme make-over, or so I've heard.  What does that really mean?  Well, Mattel did issue an official press release that included Phillip Bloch, stylist to the stars, as saying, "Ken is one of those guys that has too much of one style. You have to be able to change it up these days – be able to go to from Oscars to Emmys to hanging out with the homeys. Be versatile like J. Lo."  Maybe, and this is me thinking here, that this means that while Barbie and Ken were apart he figured out, like many other men before him, that crochet is cool and should be embraced regardless of gender!  (Or even if he's knitting now; I mean if football greats can do it then surely "America's favorite 'arm candy'" can give it a try, right?)

Apparently, according to the Official Press Release, Barbie's reps would not confirm or deny any rumors -- but personally, I don't think Blaine ever had a chance for a long term relationship with Barbie.  Her heart is with Ken -- and crocheting for him, if not with him.  (She does have the Wonder Knitter, but really, I have to wonder about that contraption myself.  I've yet to be able to keep the tension even on that thing!) 

Awhile ago, at the height of their break-up, I posted about this blog that really dives into the depths of Barbie's crochet passion, so it's always worthy of another visit ... go ahead, you know you want to ... A Threadbared Epic: "Barbie & Ken - Living In A Crocheted Paradise -- it really explains what happens behind closed doors once one becomes a crochet addict.

Will they, could they, ever return to their beloved "Crocheted Paradise?"  Only time, and Ken's make-over will tell.

 ... Ken, my advice to you is to try crochet.  Learn some new stitches and techniques and share them with Barbie.  Then she'll really know why you look so much "more relaxed and refreshed lately."  Go win her heart back Ken!!  I'm rooting for you!!  ((grins))

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