Saturday, November 6, 2004

Warmth and Awareness

As I was sitting here eating my "pink lid" yogurt (I'm saving the lids to send in!) I was reading the online news article N.D. Women Put 'Art Bras' on Display" and was reminded of last month: Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The article states that four of the ladies that participated in this display are cancer survivors, and the theme of the display is to raise awareness.  As I read on, three words caught my eye: knitted breast warmers.

I want to state, before going any further, that I write my journal/blog entries here so that all ages can read it.  I do not want to put up any disclaimers stating that it has a "PG," "R" or "X" rating.  I like keeping it as a "G" -- for general audiences. However, if you're uncomfortable with this topic, please stop reading here. I also ask that my readers not expand this topic to "willies" (if you get my drift). Thank you, I greatly appreciate it.

So, going forward with this topic, I did a search on knitted breast warmers as I wanted to know what they were.

What my search lead to was informative webpages of breast models that are knitted and used for teaching new Moms about breast feeding(I also found a link for knitted uteruses, but that's a whole different body part & topic that I'll leave up to someone else to discuss.)  I also did a search for crocheted breast warmers but could not find any links. I'm sure there's something out there on them, I just haven't found it/them yet.

In one website, they stated that:

"Breast warmers are sewn from soft, thin silk and wool fabric. The breast warmers are slipped inside the bra, and they are flexible enough to adapt to the mother’s measurements. The warmers are also large enough to cover the entire breast. Breast warmers are washed by hand using a wool-washing agent. The warmers are air-dried at room temperature. It is good to have two pairs, for continuous use."

Based on this description, crocheting a pair wouldn't be too difficult. I would imagine one would start by crocheting in the round using a fiber that they found to be soft next to their skin ...

Looking back at my own experience as a new mother just a few years ago, I can think back to times when such an item would have been quite handy.  But even though I did not have such an item, or a pair as recommended above, I can't help but think how much better I had it than my great, great grandmother's did.  After all, they lived during a time when they crocheted their camisoles and wore corset's. How on earth did they manage? And geesh!  What did they wear for maternity clothing?

Yeah, in light of the past, we sure have it easy!  And, knitted or crocheted breast warmers aside, we're fortunate.  Today we have programs to help raise awareness of how important early detection is! 


Anonymous said...

We've been saving and sending in our lids too altho the last time I went to the store I couldn't find any pink lidded yogurt :(


Anonymous said...

Dee, I printed up this entry (hope you don't mind) I have 2 girlfriends that refuse to go in to "the boob smashing" they are both scared to death. I told them if I can do it and live through it..they can to..I'm as flat as a board..teased all the time about it..<smiles> thank god for water bra's..hehe..and you can warm those up fast in the microwave..hehe..
also..wanted to thank you  and Shelia for getting me back into crocheting..I'm not good..just know a few stitches..or what ever you call it..but..I've been having a blast making scarfs for everyone..and started a ponco last night. On Friday I taught a few of my students (Autistic) how to crochet, they are so excited, <giggling> one mom called me yesterday morning telling me that is all her Daughter keeps saying..crochet hook..she was at a lost what her daugher was trying to tell her. Sheila had an entry about the "wreaths" she's making..Hoping I can show the kids how to do it..what great gifts it will be for their family! Again..Thank you Dee!