Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Checking In

It's been an exhaustive few days ... the "ice cream" cone cake came out great and my son reported that it was a hit with his class.

I just finished Parent-Teacher conferences and the news was all good.  The kids, btw, did great on their report cards -- straight A's with the exception of their handwriting.  There they got a B ... we're quite proud of them!  One of the things we did address was my daughter's apparent shyness -- about everything it seems EXCEPT crochet!  The teacher is pleased that my daughter is using her fondness for the craft as a way to break out of her little shell ... if you'll recall, she's been making little crochet kits and giving them to her schoolmates and teaching them on the playground.  This of course also led her to wanting her own website to help promote crochet (and other fiber arts) to childern: Casey's Crochet

Also, my contract arrived for the poncho.  I finally finished selecting the yarns for the new poncho and will set to work on it soon.  First I need to write up a Bio for the book.  Here's what I can tell you about the book:

My poncho will be one of 30-35 original designs for crocheted ponchos that will vary in skill levels (meaning it will be great for beginners to advanced level crocheters).  It will feature all types of yarn and stitches.  The title, what they refer to as the "working title" is Stylish Ponchos to Crochet.  Of course they can change the name, but this is what they're thinking right now.  The book will come out sometime in 2005.

Whew!  OK, I'm off!  I gotta go get changed.  We're taking the Birthday Boy out for dinner tonight.  It should be a fun time!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh!  Let us know when the book comes out!!!  I'm interested! Then I will get to say "I knew you when..."  LOL!  I'm glad to hear about the kids.  I made those "ice cream cone" cakes once for my niece and she loved them.  It was "something different" and no leftover baking wrappers to deal with - everything is edible!

About your daughter's shyness, I'm glad she found her niche in breaking out of it.  For me, in school, it was sports - basketball.  And that didn't come until later in my school years.  Its amazing how you find one thing you are confident about and it changes things for you.  I see your daughter petitioning the high school for a "Crochet Club" when she gets to be that age.  More power to her!