Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I spent the day yesterday sorting and putting away various yarns from my stash. As I did so I found that I had to resist the temptation to run and get a hook and start working the various fibers up.  Thoughts like, "Oh, this would make a yummy sweater for ..." and "Wouldn't this make a great bag for..." and "This would be enjoyed as a baby..."  Having yarn speak to you, and insist upon using a crochet hook is amazing.  I wonder why they don't ask for me to pick up my knitting needles and get in that much needed practice ...

The temptation was so great!  I did, however, remain focused.  I put many of them away -- in little vinyl zip bags to prevent them from getting dusty while awaiting their turn.  I did set aside some yarns, some very pretty yarns, to make the Teacher Scarves for this year.  If you visit my picturetrail album you can see a picture of last year's scarves that were crocheted for the Kindergarten teachers. This year, I'll be concentrating on the First Grade teachers.

I also got to see my "newbie" hooker, Stephanie, yesterday.  She's been crocheting now for just a bit over a month and she reports that she's a Scarf-Making machine.  She's been going nonstop and plans on making everyone a scarf as a added gift this holiday season.  I think that's great that she's become so hooked!  :D

OK, I'm off to teach today (and yes, that does mean I also get to look at potential new "adopties" to bring home and add to my yarn stash! lol)

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