Friday, October 1, 2004

Welcoming in October

So here it is, the longest month of the year, October.  It's a month of awareness:  Breast Cancer.  And it's a month of vibrant colors.

I did two entries last month in preparation of thinking pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness and I encourage you to participate in some way too.

           pink & jeans: october  and 
Promoting and more pink

I also encourage you to take nature's fireworks display, the color changing of the leaves that is affectionately known as foliage, as a cue to add to your crochet projects.   I mean, is there ever a better time to mix your greens, reds, oranges & yellows  together?   ...just be careful about mixing olive green and burnt orange together.  If you do, you'll be in the throwbacks of the 1970s.  LOL  (yes, this has recently happened to me!)

BTW: Do you know why October qualifies as the longest month of the year??

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