Sunday, October 17, 2004


Look what publication squeaked out in August and missed my "new book radar!"

I got to see this new book first hand yesterday while I was in Stamford teaching.  My first thoughts were, "Wow! What a great book for the beginner!" The graphics are bright and clear, it's on a spiral ring so the page will stay open by itself, AND the book cover can be turned into a stand so that it sits up for easier viewing. How great is that?! 

I love that it has patterns (belts, bikini tops, pillows, and such) as well as different types of stitches. So for those of you looking to give the gift of crochet this holiday season (which is nearly 60 days from now), I'd recommend giving this one (or putting it on your list as items you'd like). If you're an experienced crocheter, then you may enjoy looking at the book, but I don't think you'll find anything new.

So, getting back to being in Stamford ... at the store, Knit Together, I had fun with the two classes I taught. One was on the technique based on my poncho I mentioned awhile ago that received rave reviews.  The ladies in the class had a lot of fun going around the store and selecting yarns that they liked.  It was like turning kids loose in a candy store and saying, "put all the candy you like in your basket and we'll figure out the commonality later."  It was great!

The day prior to this class I received an email.  A publisher is interested in my poncho! So now I have two weeks to work up a swatch, and written directions (instead of being based on technique) The beauty of this is, that I need to make another poncho that's lighter in color, that in the end, if it's selected for publication or not, I will have another beautiful poncho.   I need to make another poncho because black does not photograph well. So when I, or other store staff members had a free moment yesterday we filled a basket with various types of fibers.

Actually, we had two baskets ... one in hues of blues, and the other of mulberries. At the end of the day I put one basket away, and left the other on the table, where it will remain until I return to teach crochet on Tuesday. (The store is closed on Sundays & Mondays) On Tuesday I will narrow down the selections until I have just the right colors and fiber textures I'm looking for. So for now, I can concentrate on the written design element, which if everything falls into place correctly, will end up being published in 2005.

Of course I need to add that while I'm doing this, I also need to sew a costume for my daughter. No, thankfully, not for Halloween. I get a little more time than that -- it needs to be ready by November 1st. So that gives me at least an extra day. Now, to figure out how to sew... lol

So what does this all mean?
     It means that I want this new book, "Ready, Set, Crochet," so I can create new classes for my beginner level students.
     It means that my goal of making 30 scarves in 30 days with be tougher to achieve, but not impossible.
     And it means that in the next two weeks you, my readers, may not see as many postings from me because I'll be hard at work trying to meet the poncho and costume deadlines.

                   "On my ready, get set, Crochet!!!"

Wish me luck!


jennmwalsh said...

30 30 brave brave woman.

I'd seen that book, and ordered it through my local library to give it a looksie before I buy...I should be getting my paws on it by Wednesday, I hope.

Good luck with the sewing! lol

evehook said...

I think the crochet site for your daughtere is wonderful.  Maybe it will help me with teaching my 2 grandchildren age 6 and 9 .  When we went to visit them in alabama this wk end the little one had no interest in crochet she wanted to do plastic canvas, which she picked up very well.  Keep up the good work.
Evelyn in Ky.

ggal3133 said...

woohoo go dee go! You can do it :)