Thursday, October 21, 2004

Want to help?

There are 24 days left of my self-goal of 30 scarves in 30 days. And, for the moment, I think I'm on track as I have six completed. But we know life has a way of having things easily come in the way of reaching our goals ...

Such as my daughter declaring that the costume I intend to sew for her is not needed 10 days from now, but in 6! This means that she needs it in time for dress rehearsal. Of course this creates a problem as I intend to crochet the trim for the costume using the
Broomstick Lace technique with a metallic variegated Lame yarn. My thoughts are that the metallic yarn worked up in the Broomstick Lace (just one row) would make a fabulous trim.  But we're talking a four-day difference and I would need to make several yards of lace for this costume.

There are many other speed bumps in reaching the 30 scarves in 30 days too, so it was suggested by Haley, one of my students in Stamford, that I put the challenge out to my readers to help in reaching this goal.

I loved the idea and thought about how it would best work, and came up with this: If you'd like to help me reach this goal of 30 scarves in 30 days, all you need to do is crochet (or knit) a scarf and donate it to a local charity in your area (this way, no one has to ship anything!) ... then either send me an email with your name and the charity you will donate it to. -- or just leave a comment here.

What fun it will be to see if perhaps together, we can reach this goal. And the best part is that it doesn't matter what your skill level is, from beginner to advanced, this is something we can all do!  Just ask Lori of Greenwich!  She's a new crocheter and donated a cream & brown scarf to go the Salvation Army drive.  (Thanks Lori!)


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robinandersen9 said...

It appears I am the first one to post - I have crocheted a beautiful yellow scarf from Bernat's "Softee Baby" and I am going to donate it to the YWCA homeless shelter that occupies the basement of my church.

I had to smile when I read the costume had to be ready in _6_ days instead of _10_. I went thru that a lot when my sons were much younger.

I hope you reach your goal.

Robin Andersen