Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ghoulish Thoughts


Happy Fiberween, er, Halloween!  (lol)

How spooky is it that today is our longest day (25 hours) -- and this answers the question I posed earlier this month: Which is the longest month of the year?

October!  And it's because of this pesky daylight savings that has us turning our clocks back an hour to "save daylight."  (But I don't see how daylight is being saved when it's going to be dark at 4:00 PM leaving the children no daylight time to play outside.  If there's a petition going around looking for signatures to  end this daylight practice, then please point me to it!)

So, an extra hour today.  How will I spend it?  Well, to add more spook to the day, I know it won't start with a shower.  We've sprung a leak near the water tank and apparently it will be a while until it can be fixed.  Fortunately, I did have enough water in the tea kettle to spook out a small cup of coffee.  If I hadn't, then it would have been a real frightful moment! 

I've got two more scarves on the hook for the 30 Scarves in 30 Days Challenge.  One I take with me (like last night, when we went to Home Depot to get plumbing supplies and a carriage mishap smacking into the back of my foot sent me to the vehicle to "rest" -- man! did that hurt!), and the other scarf is for working on while I'm here in the house.  My guess, since I'm unable to shower for a while, is that I won't be going anywhere until the water is restored.  So working on the scarf will be on my agenda.

Pictured to the right is my (beheaded) ghouls, er kids-- check out their little crocheted Halloween pails.  One of the ladies in my crochet group made three and auctioned them off at one of our fund raisers.  The faces are painted on; isn't that a great idea?  Before you ask, I don't know where she got the pattern from.  But if you're serious about knowing, I could inquire.  :)  My goblins will be using the pails again this year and hopefully they won't notice when I raid their pails for the candy corns; my favorites!

Finally, I was surfing the Internet last night, looking for a poncho pattern to use my new recycled silk hanks that arrived a few days ago.  I found an interesting pattern and then my dsl connection failed.  Now, I'll have to go spooking around for it again. 

              Here's to hoping your Halloween is filled with tricks & treats!
                              Have a safe & happy one!


Anonymous said...

lol love this Halloween entry!
Have a spooktacular one :)


Anonymous said...

cool costumes!

I am writing in to contribute to the 30 scarfs in 30 days challenge (again)...
I have 4 preemie hats for the NICU at University of MD hospital (Jaimie yarn) and 1 "Crochet for the Cure" (Lion Brand) scarf, the YWCA Homeless shelter...

Robin Andersen