Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Is that a real poncho?

I thought, as I run around like Chicken Little crying "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!" that I would give you an interesting link to an article about ponchos. (The article was brought to my attention by Grace -- thank you, Gracie!)

Is That a Real Poncho? - The hideous new trend afflicting America. By Amanda Fortini

Rose asked me the other day, "Dee, do you ever sleep?"

I laughed and said yes. Then we got into talking about the upcoming holiday season. She said she was at a loss as to what to give everyone. I said, "Crochet them all a '
Treasure Bag' and stuff each one with a gift card that matches their personalities."

Rose laughed and said, "Dee, where do you get these ideas?  I love it!"

"It's a curse," I replied.

"Oh, I'd give anything to have such a curse," she exclaimed.

And we laughed.

In the meantime, I crocheted two more scarves for my self-goal of 30 scarves in 30 days. And I purchased the fabric to sew my daughter's costume. AND of course I got the curse -- a crochet brainstorm (LOL) that I would crochet the trim for the costume instead of buying a trim and sewing it on. Honestly, I can see a point in my immediate future where I wont have the opportunity to sleep! (LOL)

Now, speaking of ideas, this leads me to my poncho. I'll be headed back to Stamford today -- hopefully, with all this rain we've had over night, the roads won't be too bad. The real question is, what fibers will make the cut (see post from Sunday for clarification)???


cneinhorn said...

I think ponchos are great, I'm glad they are making a comeback!  My little one has one crocheted in pink (not sure of the fabric)

shooser1 said...

And what is wrong with Ponchos???  I like the one in the photo and the other day I was driving somewhere and saw two girls walking and one had a poncho on.  I thought it was stylish.  Nothing like the ponchos of the 60's/70's.  These people just don't get it!  Hugs, Sheila