Thursday, October 28, 2004

catching some "Zs"

I crashed last night.  Never am I asleep by 8:30, but that's what happened. This means that I missed watching the Red Soxs win the World Series (not that I'm a baseball fan, but my husband was watching and it's always nice to cozy up and crochet something). So, I because I was catching some "Zs" instead of some 'yarn overs' I wasn't able to work on the scarf challenge last night.

I did manage to get the swatch done yesterday, and get it, along with my poncho, shipped off to the publisher yesterday. Wish me luck that they'll like the them. :)

I want to mention a big THANK YOU to Stephanie of New Fairfield for donating a scarf to the Challenge yesterday. She's a new crocheter -- only been crocheting for three weeks now --  and decided to donate her first scarf.  She's off and running with her new found passion and I can't be happier for her!!

So while on the topic of helping others, I thought you might enjoy this article:
Knit together: Projet aims to keep community warm


Anonymous said...

Ha, Dee, your entry cracked me  I know just what you mean about passing out earlier than usual, the only problem I have when I do that, is getting up two hours earlier than  HAGD-Mel in OK

Anonymous said...

Thats great that you got the swatch done :)
Saturday should be something else in the Boston area!

Anonymous said...

ooops forgot to let you know that since I'm no longer on AOL, I'm using AIM and I had to get another screen name. So this is me Gretchen, formally Ggal3133 :)