Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful for In-laws

Who needs Santa Claus when you have a brother-in-law as great as mine?  Seriously! 

Back in February I actually blogged about two of my brothers-in-law who know what crochet fanatic I am and what they did ( -- well, I am delighted to report, Fred has done it again!

We spent Thanksgiving visiting my husband's family.  Shortly after arrival, my brother-in-law sat next to me & pointed to his cheek.  "You'll want to give me a little peck," he said, "as I have something for you."  I smiled and gave his peck on the cheek.  He then opened his hand to reveal his latest finds:  antique crochet hooks MADE IN THE USA by the Susan Bates company.  I squealed with delight!  We chatted about the history of the Susan Bates company, and about his good luck in finding me treasured crochet hooks to add to my collection.

Yeah, I guess you can say I have my own personal Santa Claus, and he delivers crochet goodies!  :)

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jmo said...

LOL- that's AWESOME! Love when Santa knows exactly the right gifts!... and brings 'em early too!