Monday, November 22, 2010

Take Me With You!

Take Dee With You on Your Mobile
If I had a nickle each time a student, or a CrochetWithDee fan said, "Dee, I want to keep you!" I'd be able to buy out an entire yarn shop -- many, many times over!!  Oh, there have been attempts, bribes & such.  But my heart is with my family, and rightfully so.

Still, how does one fill the void of folks wanting to take their Crochet Cheerleader home, or while out-&-about, to be able to turn to whenever they have a CrochetWithDee need?   One student suggested I get one of those huge cardboard photos made and sell them.  Since the cardboard "Dee's" wouldn't be able to answer questions, I don't think that would be a good idea; I can envision the cardboard cutouts used as target practice, knitting needles sticking out of it like a dart board.  LOL

But, what if you can fit me in a pocket, or a purse? ... now you can!  You can visit me on your Mobile Device!  So quick -- so easy!!  ... simply pull up your browser on your mobile device and enter this url address:

Roadtrip anyone?  :)

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