Monday, November 1, 2010

"Get Your Heart On"

In the CLF group on there was discussion that a lot of CLF'ers were unable to identify themselves as members while attending Rhinebeck a few weeks ago.  I proposed we consider wearing a crocheted motif to make the next time easier.  Shortly thereafter the discussion on attending the 20th Stitches East event started, I again proposed we wear a crocheted motif; I suggested we wear crocheted hearts.  Mary Beth Temple then announced on her Getting Loopy Show that we crocheters should "Get Our Hearts On" ... that is, wear a crocheted heart, find her at Stitches, and get a ticket for a prize drawing she'd have to help support crochet.

I was busy the entire Stitches East event -- from pre-start to finish; mostly having fun working in the KnitShopGirls booth (Shoutout to my girls, Kendra, the owner; Dina &  Kim!).  I attended my first Stitches Fashion Show (yes, I did crochet while watching) where I found myself falling in love with one of the crocheted garments in Nicky Epstein's new book, Enchanting Collection -- it took my breath away! (and the knit garments in the book were pretty cool too; I just might need to crochet me some knit!  lol).  I found the food at the Dinner quite dee-lish, and the company at our table an absolute riot!

I also attended (briefly) the Pajama Party where I met up with Guido: The Purlman, and Kathleen Sams of Red Heart Yarn.  I also met Benjamin Levisay -- although we've been Facebook friends, this was my first time I had met him in person & found him to be funny -- and blonder than his FB image shows.  I was able to meet up with Cari Clement from Caron Yarns, Penny from Offinger (CGOA management), Arnetta Kenney (CYCA CIP Teacher), Trishia (Save the Children Foundation), Zontee from LionBrand, and of course, Mary Beth Temple.  (There were many, many more people I got to see, but my brain is so fried from the long weekend that it is hard to recall everyone.)  I also managed to sneak in some volunteer time by spending Sunday morning in the Warm Up America/Save the Children booth teaching basic crochet while whipping up a preemie cap with my speedy crochet hook.

I want to thank Kendra for a fabulous weekend ... it was an amazing "behind the scenes" experience from the vendor's point-of-view -- those vendors work their butts off (can I say that here?) and deserve huge kudos for hauling, setting up, putting in long hours for our shopping pleasure, tearing down, and hauling back all of our yarn goodies!  Thank you Kendra!  Thank you Vendors!!
I want to state for the record that yes, I had my "Heart On."  I crocheted my heart out of sterling silver wire -- to ward off scary werewolves, naturally.  (What else would you expect me to wear on Halloween weekend at Stitches East?  LOL)  In the KnitShopGirls booth we saw a lot of people dressed up for Halloween which made the experience that much more fun; and we saw a lot of folks wearing crochet!!!!  (Love!!!)

And, going forward, it looks like the crochet heart will be THE motif to wear to signal to other crocheters, and to retailers, how much we love our crochet.  So go ahead and "Get Your [crocheted] Heart On;" I'll be looking for you at the next fiber event I attend.   :)

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Patty said...

Hi Dee,
Met you at the Big E - I was doing Lace.

It was truly difficult to see us crocheters! So let's get a heart on!

love your blog