Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~ 365 Days ~ to think about Crochet

Dee Jr. asked me this morning what I want for Christmas this year. Told him I want an endless cup of coffee that never gets cold, is always at the perfect temperature, and flavor. He said, "Good luck with that." :/  Mr. Dee added later that we will need to start thinking about getting a 2011 Calendar.  (Was this a hint?) Would he mind if I gave him a crochet calendar?

In 2004 I purchased my first Crochet Calendar.  It was produced by the New York City Crochet Guild, and it was beautiful!  (You can read the back story about their calendar here.)  Sadly they have not produced any more.

Shortly thereafter the "Day to Day" Crochet Calendar came out.  I didn't -- and haven't -- purchased this calendar yet as none of the proceeds go to the designers, or to a charity.  (If this policy has changed, readers, could you please let me know?)  Although I am not a believer that a crochet designer should give their designs away for free in order to promote themselves I do know many crocheters like this calendar.
365 Crochet Stitches a Year: Perpetual Calendar

I didn't get another Crochet Calendar until the 
365 Crochet Stitches a Year: Perpetual Calendar came out in 2007.  What I like about this calendar is that it is not defined by one year; it is perpetual, meaning you can use it year after year after year!  Smart thinking Jean and Rita!  (This is not the first time I've mentioned this Calendar; I blogged about it in early 2008.)  For a timeless Calendar with stitch motifs, this makes a great gift!  (Note to Mr. Dee in case he is reading this: I already own it!)

Now, nearly into 2011, I find myself eyeing three new crochet calendars as possible contenders:
Interweave Crochet 2011 Wall Calendar
The Interweave Crochet 2011 Wall Calendar that promises full-color crochet motifs from The Harmony Guides: Crochet Stitch Motifs (may as well add that book to my Wish List).


2011 Sticks, Hooks and Shuttles Calendar being offered by the folks over at http://www.peaches-creme.com/, where 100% of the proceeds are being donated to two charities.  (Visit their website, scroll to the bottom of the page to get an idea of what the calendar includes, and to learn more about where the proceeds will be donated.)

And third, there is always CafePress.com, where there is an abundance of Crochet Theme goodies to choose from.  In the shop, CroOrities, the vertical wall calendar features many great images from other CafePress shops (all used with permission!).  No patterns, but plenty of space to write in all my crochet activities, events, and deadlines.

The bottom line:  I think it is good that we are progressing from having no Crochet Calendars available, to having a variety to choose from -- complete with that perfect cup of coffee, naturally.   :)


Anonymous said...

I bought the Interweave Crochet wall calendar, and it's gorgeous. It is a gift for my BFF, who also crochets. I don't know about the other two, but this one caught my eye immediately, and I am not regretting it. :)

Have a joyous Thanksgiving.
Sandie :)

bobbins said...

I already have the "2011 Sticks, Hooks and Shuttles Calendar" from Peaches & Creme - purchased during a recent visit to the factory store! It is a beautiful calendar filled with interesting projects.

I really urge your readers to buy one for a gift AND one for yourself - you just don't know if your loved ones will pick up on the hints.