Thursday, April 2, 2009

Question from Reader: Single Colored Granny

Dear Dee,
I know how to make a multi-colored granny square. Now I want to make some with just one color but I am having trouble figuring out how to do it without having to slip stitch to get in the right starting stitch. Can you help me?

Dear Linda,

You have awesome timing! I was just discussing the "single colored granny" at yesterday's "Coffee, Crochet & Chat," a local gathering of folks who love to play with yarn.

Yes, I can help you. First, for those who are new to crocheting granny squares, I am not going to explain the mechanics behind creating them today. There are a number of websites and books that cover this topic. ((of course if you, my readers, really want a tutorial on granny squares 101 from me, just ask and perhaps I'll discuss it on another day.))

Linda, what is throwing you on creating the "single colored granny" is that there are no breaking off points as you have with multiple colors. This means, to get your corners and spaces to line up you must slip stitch from point A to point B to start the next round correctly, which you've already noticed. Or, you'll need to turn your work, but where is the fun in that? What you need to do is omit one section of chains and replace it with a double crochet!

I know what you're thinking, a double crochet? Yes, a double crochet!

Try this: when you come to your last 3-dc grouping, omit the last ch 2 & sl st to lifting chain to complete the first round. Instead, replace the ch 2 with a double crochet! This will complete the round and have you ready to properly begin the new round in a corner, which you'll begin by: chaining 3, then creating 2 dc OVER THE POST OF THE DC created in the previous round, and then do your granny bit around. Remember, when it comes time to complete the round, (now that you're on round 2 & on) you'll want to make 3 more dc OVER THE POST OF THE DC and then join with a dc to the top of the previous round's ch 3. You'll do this for each round until you come to the last round. For the last round, forgetaboutit with the dc join technique, instead go back to the traditional ch-2, join with a slip stich.

By crocheting OVER the post of the joining dc, no one will know it's there, and you won't have that tell-tell sign of slip stitching on each round. Give it a try; I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. :)


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