Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Code Blue, Green, Red...

For the past two days I have tweaking, and tweaking, and tweaking with html code. And I think I'm just about tweaked out at the moment. But even so, I'm proud of what I've accomplished.

For long time readers, you may remember what my old blog on AOL looked like. In fact, when my blog was up for votes for "Best Crochet Blog" often times points were deducted because I didn't, rather I couldn't jazz the design up the way I wanted. I was stuck. I had a choice of one, two, or three columns and could change the colors. That was it; AOL offered no creative outlets for their bloggers. Then suddenly AOL decided to kick everyone out and I came here.

Yes, I was scared at first. Sometimes, as with creating various crochet stitches, we get stuck and tend to stick with what is comfortable. Venturing out of that comfort zone can sometimes be difficult, but when we do, often times we find the results to be quite rewarding. Sort of like that satisfied feeling we get when we stop our stitching, smooth out our projects on our laps or tables and look at the previous rows or rounds of stitches completed, running our fingers over where we have been, looking at our hook, our yarn, and then looking forward to the future as we set into motion again. This is the feeling I now have with my blog as I near my sixth month at blogger -- I finally got my blog to look the way I'd like it to ... did you notice design the changes? ((sorry, I cannot do anything about the broken pictures/ links from archived entries from years ago, those are forever lost from the AOL shutdown.))

It was a long journey for me to get here, breaking out of that comfort zone, and today I sit here in front of my PC, smoothing out my "virtual" work, looking at where I've been, looking to the future, and being happy with all that code tweaking. ((at least until I get the urge to change everything; lol) Now it's time to celebrate with some actual crochet stitching. :)

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Dawn said...

Your blog is gorgeous!

And I love that you are so inspiring with your thoughts & beautiful crochet!