Sunday, April 26, 2009

100th Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival

I awoke to a bright sunny sky yesterday, knowing the weather would be beautiful for the 100th Annual Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival. ((Unlike previous years where the weather was cold & damp). This was my third time participating as a demonstrator with my CGOA Chapter, The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club. I arrived in plenty of time, joining our President, Grace; Elaine; and Nancy. Also there was HHCC member, Irene, who was a vendor; and later in the day HHCC member "Fluffy" joined us at our booth. Also along for the fun day was Mr. Dee and the McDee's, Mini~Dee and Dee Jr.

We had many wonderful crocheted items on display with just about every imaginable natural fiber ... wool, alpaca, corn, silk, soy, cotton ... and offered free beginner crochet lessons, demonstrations on Tunisian (also known as the Afghan stitch), and crocheting with unspun roving -- all a hit with the many, many people who stopped by to talk with us!

Because I was busy in the HHCC booth, I gave the McDee's the job of learning about angora rabbits for Pat, who had emailed me stating that her grandson was interested in raising some but would be unable to attend. One of the things the McDee's learned is that you don't feed them lettuce or celery -- I never knew that! Of course my Mr. Dee was given a job to do too -- he was to be my "roving" reporter (ha! a pun!) taking pictures of this milestone festival. In retrospect, I'm glad my time outside of our booth was limited -- it was some 90°F and I would have fried!

When I did venture out, I scooped up just a bit more unspun roving -- and unspun silk for my stash! Mr. Dee also snagged me a commemorative T-shirt and pin, and even stood in line (for a near century) to bring me back a bowl of their coveted lamb stew!

Here are some more blog entries I found detailing yesterday's 100th Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival (if I find more, I'll post them tomorrow when I discuss crocheting with unspun roving):

After the festival my family and I hooked up with some of our relatives for dinner. We had a great time visiting -- and let me state this: folks, if you haven't had any medical training, you should seriously consider it. You NEVER know when you'll need it. Although my emergency medical card expired, the training I had will be with me forever. ((Yes, renewing it is on my list of things to do)) Well wishes for a speedy recovery go out to my nephew today who had accidently sliced his finger last night with a carving knife requiring immediate medical treatment. And we thought the sheep had it bad during their sheerings yesterday...

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

I commented yesterday. I have some pics and a bit about the festival on my blog

It was great to see you and I loved the Tunisian demo.