Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mmmmmm, Coffee...

Imagine, me, accused of liking coffee too much! Ah, the nerve! Ah, the truth! ((grins))

As I was putting the family groceries away this morning I stopped dead in my tracks. In my hands were two bags of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Have you ever stopped to LOOK at grocery packaging? Those companies spend a whole 'lotta time, energy and money to put the right combo of colors together to create product recognition -- and sometimes it's a winner! Such is the case with the colors on my Dunkin' Donuts coffee bag: mostly a tangerine orange, with a swirl of that sweet inner pink from a guava (fruit) ... I'm digging it! And yes, I will be digging through my vast yarn stash to see if I have colors close enough as I am inspired to play create design with them!

And speaking of fresh brew, while I have heard of antiquing crochet with tea, the thought of dying wool with one's coffee had not occurred to me. That is until today when I came across Barbara's blog entries:

Now that's what I call a rich blend! ... and as soon as it's warm enough to open my kitchen windows (as Barbara states, the smell of wet sheep & burnt coffee is not so wonderful), I'm thinking I'm going to brew me up some coffee wool ... and definitely another cup for myself. Mmmmmmm, Coffee! :)

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