Sunday, April 5, 2009

Updates in the Bag

I've spent the day going through my fabric stash. Fabric Stash? Yes, I have a fabric stash, only it is not as vast as say my button, my beads or heavens, my yarn stash. But it is still considered a stash, regardless of size.

Perhaps you've noticed mention of this to the right, in my sidebar? Yes, I'm now on Twitter, and this will give you, my readers, another look into my world of crochet, coffee, and perhaps beyond. I am hoping it fills in the void between blog postings.

So what is the hunt for the perfect fabric all about? I'm wanting to create a bag liner for a crochet project -- the CGOA is opening registration for the summer conference tomorrow and I'm thinking I am going to want a crocheted bag to haul my goodies from the hotel to the convention center in (a short walk). I haven't found a perfect fabric match yet, so I'm going to Game Plan B and checking all the blouses I've recently earmarked for charity donation.

I did mange to find a website with great "how to" instructions for sewing a bag liner ... and for those that know me well, they know I'm not a sewer, so the clearer the instructions the better. There's a reason my sweet Mr. Dee calls my sewing machine an expensive winder as I use it mostly to wind bobbins of thread to crochet. To actually use it for sewing, well, won't that be a surprise to Mr. Dee? ((grins))


Lauria said...

I love this sewing bag lining into a bag tutorial by FutureGirl:

She also has a lining for a bag, but it's for a decidedly rectangular bag. Still worth checking out (under tutorials) for some handy tips. :)

CrochetWithDee said...

Thank you, Laura!

I found the other link you mentioned ...


CrochetWithDee said...

Barbara recommends I have custom fabric made using this site:

Thank you Barbara; what a novel idea!!

Astaryth said...

Squeeee! She's on Twitter! Watch out, it's addicting! I'm over there as.... Astaryth, like I am every place LOL!

Thanks for the compliments on the latest afghan. I only have 3 horses here this year and my part time gig went the way of the recession, so I am finding I have time for other things --like crochet. Hmmm.. if I run out of people to give them too, maybe I'll try to sell them. Only problem is I never know what to charge anyone so I always end up just giving it to them and saying "Happy whatever holiday is coming up" LOL!