Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome to the High Wire Act

It was late last night when I revealed a reoccurring dream to my husband. The first time I was driving on a seemingly familiar road late at night. Eventually I passed a gray building on my left that was set low into the hillside to the point where my attention was distracted because you could easily see into the 2nd floor windows while driving by. The building had a familiar feel to it. I am unsure if it was a yarn shop. However, once I took my eyes off the building I realized I was at a dead end. I came to an immediate stop with plenty of distance between me, the brick wall, and the cliff behind it. I remember being terrified.

The second time I dreamed this dream I left my attention on the building even longer. By the time I was able to stop my vehicle the nose was touching the brick wall. Again I was terrified.

The third time I was unable to stop. I crashed through the brick wall and felt myself falling down the long cliff. Not a pleasant feeling to awake to.

My husband, who listened to these details from my reoccurring dream, said it all made sense. He said they all revolve around the AOL issue: The first time I was able to stop in time. This meant I felt I had plenty of time to move all my material from AOL. The second time was me feeling the pressure of the move, that time was running out but I could still save everything. The third was feeling the loss that I although I moved/saved what I could, the event was out of my control and that I wouldn't be able to save everything in time. I would be free falling, relying on the new hosts for my blog and website, hoping my fans find me without too much trouble.

I think Mr. Dee hit the nail on the head with this interpretation. I was not able to save everything, and AOL did just as they said they would. They closed every website and journal they hosted, and cleared out the FTP space as well. I was there for 10 years.

Starting today, it's a new chapter, a new adventure. No safety harness, no safely net. Last night's dream was about chocolate. Sweet, dark and rich chocolate. It could have been due to all the candy I enjoyed eating from the kids Trick or Treating. Or it could mean, this change was meant to be and that I will see it as a delicious experience. I think it was the latter; it was meant to be. That said, let me officially welcome everyone to the NEW CrochetingWithDee blog and website. May our new adventure together be as satisfying as treating ourselves to our favorite chocolate bar, or yarn. Or both. :)

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