Friday, October 31, 2008

Pointedly Scary Thoughts

My son has decided he will be John Lennon, from the famed 1960s Beatles group, and my daughter decided she will be the American Girl doll, Nikki, for Halloween tonight. Jennifer had asked what I'll be and I replied I was going as me. However, I'm rethinking my answer.

I was trolling around on YouTube for some crochet videos when I somehow got switched over to the pointy stick videos when I discovered this one:

What a cool concept! If I had the Flip Knit books I wouldn't need to drag poor Priscilla out of her house each time I twisted a stitch! I searched for crochet versions but couldn't find any. I wonder why. I'm sure there'd be a market for it!

Anyway, while I'm taking the kids out Trick or Treating tonight, I decided I'll be dressed up too. As a knitter. Scary thought, huh? :)

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Jennifer Cirka said...

Now that is SCARY!! LOL!!