Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America is in for a change

Karen said it best this morning: "I woke up this morning to the news that Barrack Obama is our new president & Dee is knitting?!?" Amazing, right? Who knew I'd be in the national news? (wink wink)

Yes, not only have I been knitting, but I am also attempting to write my very first knit pattern! So far I have "Cast on 36" written down. Now I need to figure out the k1, p1 lingo, then test it out. If it works, I'll share the pattern here. It's for a preemie cap.

What made knitting finally "click" for my crochet oriented brain? I'm thinking it's all that tinkering I've done with the Amazing Needle, Priscilla's cheering me on, and me finally figuring out that I can use crochet terms/concepts to get my hands actually making stitches with two sticks rather than just one. Obama was right; America is in for a change -- Dee IS knitting! LOL to celebrate, I went nuts over on eBay winning this auction:

I figure if I'm going to be knitting, then I'll need the toys, er tools, that go with it.

Does this mean I am abandoning crochet? Absolutely not!!

What it does mean is that I'm experimenting with becoming bi-textural. -- And, that I can finally give Mini~Dee back her knitting needles.

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Anonymous said...

go for being "bi-stitch-ual" :D
(it's Margaret's fault I'm stuck on that word! lol)