Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Crochet Recovery Retreat"

I still have not returned home from the Conference. We spent yesterday touring around in Maine, requiring me to call the
"Getting Loopy Show" from a restaurant parking lot last night! (see pic below on left)
Not poolside yet, Dee calls into the live 'Getting Loopy Show' in the parking lot of a restaurant. Relaxing in what Mr. Dee called an 'oasis' after a busy crochet filled week.
At this moment I'm not sure where I am other than it being a Holiday Inn hotel, possibly in Massachusetts. My sweet Mr. Dee is calling this place an oasis; a "crochet recovery retreat" for me to recharge my batteries after a very fun week of taking classes, teaching classes, spending time with my old and new friends, and so on.  I'm looking at this as an opportunity to explore the world around me -- and possibly for arranging a pit stop at WEBs (a really, really huge yarn shop) on the way home. More conferece details coming soon! :)

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wipforever said...

A vacation from your vacation????  LOL!