Friday, July 25, 2008

Chain Link: Day Two

The second day at the Conference was fantastic.  It was the only day I had available to take classes (the rest I'll be teaching).  I decided to take a class with Myra Woods, author of the book, "Creative Crochet Lace; A Freeform look at Classic Crochet."  The class I took with her was on self-publishing.  And wow!  I have some homework to do!!  The information she provided was fantastic!

My second class was with Lily Chin.  It seems nearly every year I take a class with her at the CGOA Conference and with good reason -- she knows her stuff!  The class I took was on darts; short rowing in crochet from the bottom up, from the top down, and from side to side.  Fantastic!

Between the classes I got to hang out with lots of yarn-loving folks, which is where I bumped into Amy from Crochetville.  She was getting sound bytes for an upcoming podcast and right after she was done recording Mary Beth, it was my turn.  Thankfully Mary Beth hung out after she was done to coach me a bit!  ((Big hugs MB!!)) 

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