Thursday, July 3, 2008

Project Details: spilling the beans

I took the kids to their music lessons this morning when Dee Jr. snapped this picture with my cell phone:

Yep, that's me, taking advantage of some quiet moments while sitting in my vehicle.  Those ends, no matter how much I wish it, will never weave themselves in!

Jane from Hooked on Crochet, inquired, "
I love this project, the stitch pattern, style and fit, yarn & colors.  Can you tell us more about the pattern and yarn?  Or do we have to wait for the conference?"

No need to wait, Jane.  I'll happily spill the beans.

The pattern is featured in the German magazine known as Online (Spring/Summer 2007 issue).  The pattern is named "Model 13."  There is no mention of who the designer is.  The website address is  ... if you need help in figuring out how to read it (like I did), plug the URL into Google's translator.

The yarn I decided to use is Madil Yarns' Eden Print -- in their blue/green/grey colorway (#036).  This is a bamboo yarn that normally retails for around $7.00 a ball.  I used a size "F" Graydog (brand) crochet hook.  I purchased a bag consisting of 10 balls (this ensured I had all of the same dye lot), and thus far have used 8.  I still have the final trim to add, and believe I will end up using nearly all 10 balls.

There were also inquiries about the crochet hook my Mini~Dee mentioned yesterday that was created from salvaged pianos -- the maker of that hook is "Susanne," and interesting enough,  happens to also come from Germany.  They retail for about $12 each.  (Do note that the heads are not consistent in shape from hook to hook.)

Does this mean you need to travel to Germany to check out these treats?  Nope!  All one needs to do is either drive to Northampton, Massachusetts, or do a little typing on the keyboard to visit WEBs.


sandiept said...

Thanks, Dee! I have placed my order already! Shhhh. This is the second hook I've purchased in as many weeks. I think I need help. LOL

crochetwithdee said...

Hi Sandie,
Welcome to my world of crochet hook addiction!  LOL