Thursday, March 6, 2008

Summer Knit & Crochet Classes

It's official!

I received this little banner in an email today letting me know that they'll start taking registrations for the CGOA's National Conference on Monday, March 24th. 

In looking at the banner though, it seems to read that the conference is only three days (July 25-27) ... but that is not the case.

This banner is more of an advertisement for the Vendor's Market.  The Vendor's Market officially opens to the public on July 25th.  For those ATTENDING the conference, the Vendor's Market is usually opened the night before as a special "pre-view" (usually a special ticket is required to get into the Market that evening).  Keep this in mind when registering for classes!

So really, classes will take place from July 24th through the 27th -- unless you also attend Professional's Day (which is highly recommended!) -- so if you attended Professional's Day too then the Conference would take place from July 23rd through the 27th, bumping it up to five blissful fiber-filled days!   Keep this in mind when you go over to check out the classes ... It's just the Vendor's Market that is only open for three days.  Okay?

OK!   Now that we have that out of the way, go on and check out the classes you want to take!  And don't forget to make your hotel reservations early!!!   :)

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