Sunday, March 9, 2008

Checking In

On Friday we received a total of seven sign-ups for Mini~Dee's after-school crochet club.  Dee uses quiet time to work on crochet projects.She's quite excited; every one of them is interested in working on a group charity project, so tomorrow at their first meeting they'll create an official name for their group, as well as figure out exactly what it is that they want to make together, and where to donate it.  I'll have her pack up some extra supplies just in case some of the kids don't come prepared tomorrow.

Yesterday, as she sold Girl Scout Cookies with her Troop at our local Dunkin' Donuts, I took advantage of some quite time doing what most crocheters cringe at ... weaving in all those tails!  I managed to weave in tails for six hats and one scarf, and then began crocheting another chemo cap.  The girls sold lots of cookies, and Mini~Dee bought some to bring to her first crochet club meeting tomorrow.  I love how she's getting involved with not just kids her own age, but also with her local community!  :)

Today I will be missing my local Chapter's monthly meeting as we'll be having a going away party for my BIL (brother-in-law) who will be serving a year in Kuwait.  He's in the Navy and so I've found my thoughts to wondering what the service men and women there are in need of.  I'll have to do some research.

A History Lesson:  "Long before recorded history, Pima Indian women in America did the first crocheting we know."
~ Rose Wilder Lane

The Pima, a pieceful people, yet courageous, hold the honor that one of their marines raised the flag on Iwo Jima in WWII. 

Tomorrow will be a busy day too.  Along with Mini~Dee's first crochet club meeting, I'll be hooking up with the Chain Gang of Stamford for their monthly meeting.  A very busy time for me indeed! 

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Anonymous said...

You definitely sound busy!

Congrats to MiniDee on the sign-ups and cookie sales!!!  I'm so very impressed with her!  You have a lot to be proud of, Dee!

Take care!